What is the True Gospel of the Kingdom.

Time is short.... With all the uncertainty happening within our world at the moment, this is urgent reading. If you desire to know WHY we have lock-downs, tyranny etc, it is because the kingdoms of this world are ruled by satan, along with those who have bowed the knee to him. (Governments, Prime Ministers, premiers … Continue reading What is the True Gospel of the Kingdom.


A brief study: While I realize that there is an over abundance of articles on this subject, lets explore this often misunderstood word - translated as the english word 'FAITH':  I will paste the definitions from various dictionaries below: 1)  strongs definition:   H529    אֵמוּן    'êmûn   ay-moon' From H539; established, that is, (figuratively) trusty; … Continue reading FAITH


This is a short study on the word THORNS.  ולאדםH121 And unto Adam אמרH559 he said, כיH3588 Because שׁמעתH8085 thou hast hearkened לקולH6963 unto the voice אשׁתךH802 of thy wife, ותאכלH398 and hast eaten מןH4480 of העץH6086 the tree, אשׁרH834 of which צויתיךH6680 I commanded לאמרH559 thee, saying, לאH3808 Thou shalt not תאכלH398 eat ממנוH4480 … Continue reading Thorns